Thank YOU for blessing our Love INC neighbors in need!

While our office may be closed, we are hard at work wrapping up from the end of the year! Every year at our annual Christmas store, we ask our participants to write a Thank You note for the things that they have received both at our store and throughout the year. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the Thank You notes:
“Keep doing what you do. Some of us have come to return to God. Some faster, some slower, but we are coming back to the house of God. So thank you for this help.”
“Christ is Jesus with skin on; and through Love INC and cooperating churches, I’m so grateful for the LOVE I’ve been shown. It was so much needed!”
“Thank you for helping me grow, letting me see things in a different day. It’s a nice break from all the negativity in the world.”
“I have 4 boys and it is so hard to make ends meet. This program has blessed me and my boys so much through education, community, and meeting our needs.”
“God bless all of the staff, volunteers, and all those who have donated their time, talents, and gifts in obedience to Jesus’ love for others.”
“I was able to support my family this Christmas, without you, I could not have made that happen.”
“Thank you for allowing God to use Love INC to bless the people that HE loves so much”.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Here at Love INC, we are having a fantastic Christmas season. We got to set up our wonderful Christmas store for our New Directions participants. At our Christmas store, we were able to offer toys for our children, home goods to help our families get ahead, gas cards and bus passes for holiday travel, and more!

We had around 100 participants for our Christmas store who had saved about 5,000 points to spend. These hardworking neighbors in need had been saving their points all year in order to ensure that their families would have some great Christmas presents. Amazing volunteers helped all throughout the process, helping the families choose items and keeping track of how many points they had already spent.

Over and over again, we heard what a blessing this was to people’s families. One neighbor in need was going to see her grandchildren for the first time in 5 years, and she was able to get them Christmas presents because of this great event!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Christmas store this year. You were a huge blessing to many families who will be able to have a Christmas because of your generosity.

United Way Day of Caring

Love INC of Muskegon was mightily blessed to be a part of United Way’s Day of Caring. We had amazing volunteers who came through to help us reorganize our clearing house and back room storage area. They made light work of what would have taken our staff a very long time!


The reason that Love INC was blessed with these amazing volunteers is because United Way is aiming to help the ALICE population, those who are Asset Limited, Income Restrained, and Employed. Love INC is very passionate and striving to serve the same population! In this video, hear our Executive Director, Matt Kaley, say more.

To learn more about this Click  to see the full post of Positively Muskegon’s website!

RAMP IT UP for love!


Love in the Name of Christ’s Project Ramp ministry has been building handicap ramps for nearly 20 years, providing freedom for our Muskegon County neighbors in need. Imagine yourself wheelchair-bound, stranded indoors and unable to get out to the doctor. Or out into your backyard. Or back inside on a cold winter’s day.

Or worse yet, have a way out if there was a fire.

This vital ministry enables people to engage in an active and productive lifestyle, and provides safe access in and out of their homes. It gives freedom, security, and peace of mind not only to our neighbors in need, but to their families, as well. What an amazing gift to give a family, while spreading God’s love with a servant’s heart!

Neighbors in need call our office regularly to apply for ramps from all over the county. A typical ramp takes 6 – 8 weeks from the time we get the phone call, until the ramp construction begins. Donations help to speed up the process, by enabling Love INC to build our inventory of metal ramp parts or to purchase the wooden materials needed to construct the ramp. Once the application is received, funding is in place, and paperwork is complete,  our group of volunteers step up and in just 2 days…

Ramp 2Ramp 1

The Project Ramp ministry would not be possible without the gifts and talents of volunteers from area churches, civic organizations, and businesses.  This is a powerful way to show Christ’s love to those who could not get a ramp any other way. This is a powerful way to feel Christ’s love by helping your neighbors in need.

Won’t you join our team today? Volunteer for one of our crews or support our ministry with a financial gift.

Our goal is $10,000 for this quarter, which will build approximately 6 ramps. Send your donation with RAMP IT UP for Love! in the memo.  You can also go to the GoFundMe campaign link at or visit

Love INC of Muskegon on Facebook for an easy link. Download the GoFundMe mobile app and share it with your friends!

RAMP IT UP For Love!

For more information about Project Ramp, call Tammy at 231.773.3448 ext 231.