Uniquely Gifted

Volunteers are the heart of Love INC. Not everyone is an office volunteer, answering phones and meeting with Neighbors. Many of our volunteers are using their unique gifts to make an amazing impact on Neighbors in Need, right here in Muskegon County. Allow us to introduce you to just a few of these incredible volunteers!

Lou, Appliance Ministry Love INC’s Appliance Ministry launched one year ago. Washers, dryers, fridges, and stoves are provided to Neighbors in Need, preventing families from going into debt for these items. Lou owns an electrician small business and uses the flexibility of his schedule to test, repair, and clean these appliances.

Phil, Furniture Restoration Phil began restoring furniture at just 12 years old. Now that he has been retired for six years, he volunteers at the Love It Again Resale Store where he restores and repairs donated furniture. His work has been given to Neighbors in Need or sold at the store to fund Love INC’s services in Muskegon County.  Phil recalled a recent project when he strengthened and adapted a dresser for a wheelchair user: “Praise God, now that dresser is stronger and can be used better.”

Jackie, Ramps Ministry Love INC has been building handicap accessibility ramps for more than 25 years. Jackie is the volunteer Ramp Ministry Coordinator. “I organize everything involved with ramps from mailing out the ramp applications to helping clean up the yard after we’ve installed a ramp. In between those two things, I do things like get building permits, drawings, lists of supplies needed for each ramp, call Miss Dig, call for inspections, review all bills for ramps, visit various lumberyards for specific building supplies, schedule lumber deliveries, keep track of manpower hours, take pictures of new ramps and clients, put water sealer on wood handrails, return extra lumber, offer a Bible to each ramp recipient, and talk with them about the Lord! A ramp opens up the doors, literally, so disabled people can get out of their homes”

Ron and Mike, Bicycle Ministry Love INC partners with Fellowship Church to provide bicycles to Neighbors in Need. Ron and Mike have been repairing bikes since they were kids. Ron says, “I was twelve or thirteen… there was a boy who had a bike but it was broken, so my dad said he would fix it. The boy brought the bike over and it was in two pieces! They went to the dump and found a similar frame and switched it all over. The kid later in life said that he rode it throughout high school, college, and for his first job!” Ron and Mike refurbish bicycles and provide them for Love INC Neighbors in Need. “I would love to find guys and gals who would love to learn the trade,” says Ron, “Anyone who is even just a little bit mechanically inclined could do what I do.”