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Food Pantry

We are blessed with many churches opening up their doors and having weekly/daily/as needed food pantry hours for our neighbors in need.

Our neighbors call Love INC during normal business hours, and speak with one of our trained phone volunteers. They go over their assessment intake sheet and are scheduled a pantry visit three times a year as needed until they can get back on their feet.

Our pantry partners and ministries do an amazing job of providing for the needs of our neighbors. Each person receives approximately one week’s worth of pantry food and a few of our pantries will also give away Freezer items (meat, butter, bread).

What a wonderful way to minister to families that have a bleak outlook on life because of their situation! The volunteers have the opportunity to wrap their arms around them, pray with them, invite them to church, and be the light at the end of their tunnel. Every situation is different, and no two people that come through the pantries are alike.

These wonderful volunteers are the hands and feet of Jesus…an amazing feeling, but a tremendous responsibility. Not one pantry could do all of this, but together – with Love INC mobilizing these churches – we can accomplish so much.

Thank you for partnership!