Help us build ramps!




Do you have extra furniture?


Did you know that Love INC has a booming furniture ministry? Our neighbors in need have been blessed by the furniture that we have been able to provide with them, along with the hope of Jesus Christ! We are always looking for more donations to bless more neighbors in need. We offer free pick-up! Here are the items that we accept:

couches & living room chairs

end tables,

stove & refrigerators

kitchen table & chairs


washer & dryers


dressers & end tables



Would you like to bless a neighbor-in-need with one of these gently used items? Please contact Jeannie.

Jeannie info


Wonderful workshops!

This spring, we began offering workshops for gardening and DIY Home Repair for our New Directions participants. The 13 gardening participants have loved learning about how to start plants from seed and transplant them, and our 12 DIY participants are working very hard on their planting boxes! One of the goals of this initiative is to encourage people to eat healthier, and giving them a place to grow healthier food and teaching them how to do it is certainly a step in the right direction! Here are some pictures of these workshops.

Join our play and learn class!

Play and learn Jan 2018

Prepare for preschool through play!


Our play and learn class helps to prepare children ages 0-5 for preschool through play! Playtime includes  free play, story time, song time, a cool activity, and time spent talking to other parents about raising a thriving child!


Sign up by calling the Love INC office, 231-773-3448 ext. 221 or on this website!

Thank you for your support!

Our 2017 Christmas store was a success!

We served 75 individuals and impacted over 116 lives! Here are some quotes for people who wished to thank those who supported the Christmas store:

“My family and I truly appreciate your kind donations! This is the first we’ve had to reach out for help with holidays. We’ve got four beautiful daughters who will be so happy on Christmas morning. This year, our happy Christmas morning wouldn’t be as joyful if it weren’t for your generosity! We’re so thankful for this opportunity. God bless and happy holidays to you and yours!”

“Thank you for your thoughtful hearts and helping me while I am rebuilding my life.”

“Thank you so much for your donations. I am a single Christian man who works two jobs and am struggling to pay my bills. Without these gifts for the kids (3) there is not any type of Christmas at my home. GOD BLESS YOU and thank you so much for your generosity.”

“I had nothing for my son and now I can give him something. It really lifts my spirits to be able to give him now.”

“Dear Staff, volunteers, and Donors,

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, time, energy, and dedication you have contributed to make Love INC a success. I have benefitted greatly from the program and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this organization. You all are truly living up to the mission of helping the neighbors in the community through the love of Jesus Christ. May God bless each one of you tremendously, abundantly, and above all you could ever think or imagine. Thank you!!!

“You have helped me and my wife so much. You have helped me come back to Christ Jesus with the class of Carlinda, the help and love you have given us and all who come to you.”

“Thank you for all of the nice gifts, you made my Christmas.”

“Thank you for supporting Love INC. My family has had tremendous support from the staff, instructors, and classes we have taken. We are moving forward a little more each day, each week each month…. Slowly but surely, always a little better. Thank you is all I can say- thank you only scratches the surface of how I feel.”

“Thank you for taking the time to give to this program I wouldn’t have Christmas without you.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts and all the help during my recovery from surgery and helping me get back on my feet.”

“THANK YOU!! Because of your generosity I am able to give not only my daughter but my whole family Christmas. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much. I hope your Christmas is as joyous as ours.”

“Having the Christmas store allowed me to purchase gifts for my granddaughters.”

Thank a pastor!

pastor appreciation month

We at Love INC of Muskegon are so thankful to work with amazing pastors all over the Muskegon area! The blessing of the Love INC model is we connect with these pastors and their churches and have the blessing of helping them effectively do ministry in this community. These wonderful people have not let our community down! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you pastors of Muskegon for the wonderful work that you are doing! Keep it up! Please remember to thank your pastor today!