Who We Serve

Because of your dedication to Love INC’s ministry,

May 2015-May 2016 alone, you have helped us:

Help 10 babies start out with a safe Pack and Play through our Pack and Play ministry

Help 607 people have clothes through our clothing ministry

Help 216 babies have a good start in life through our baby pantry ministry

Help 2,805 families not go hungry through our food pantry ministry

Help 144 families have a comfortable home through our furniture ministry

Help 1,080 people take care of their personal needs through our personal care pantry

Help 420 people out of tight financial situations

Help people meet their transportation needs by giving out 511 gas cards and bus passes

Help 7 disabled people leave their houses by building ramps for them

Help 84 families with their needs for Christmas through our Christmas store

Teach 85 people how to parent better

Teach 87 people how to budget their money better

Help 100 people gain new life skills

Bring 50 people closer to God through our Bible study classes

Help 361 people learn how to make positive changes in their lives through New Image class