Love Stories

“Dear Love INC,

Four years ago I felt so hopeless about my financial situation. I was a single mom with too many bills and not enough income, and I had nearly lost hope. A friend suggested I contact Love INC for support, and I’m so glad I did.

Love INC helped with me with immediate relief by giving me connection to an area food pantry. At Christmas time, I was invited to come and pick out gifts and hats and mittens for my children. These acts of kindness were done in such a way that my dignity was preserved and I was treated with respect.

What helped me the most was the budget counseling I received through Love INC at Forest Park Covenant Church. I’ll never forget that first night, showing up with all my bills and my checkbook and breaking down in tears because I felt so ashamed. But my mentor saw past that, and he believed that I would get through it. He helped me to make up a budget, and he was a great encourager to me as I learned to stick to the budget and plan ahead.

Four years later, I am still using the bill organizer that was given to me on that first night. I don’t live in poverty anymore. I went back to school and got my degree in accounting, of all things! I’ve been set free from that financial stronghold, praise God! Thank you, Love INC, for believing in me and equipping me with the tools I needed to move forward and succeed.”