Fred Nicles, President, First Congregational Church, Muskegon

Kate Gunderson, Secretary (Non-Board Member), St. James Catholic Church

Robert Near, Treasurer Evangelical Covenant Church, Whitehall

Tom Williams, First Congregational Church, Muskegon

Doug Hughes, Forest Park Covenant Church

Leroy Lockhart, New Birth Ministries

Velma Shea, Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Gloria Barnett, Heaven’s Gate Church

Rick Ebeling,Gateway Church


The Love INC Board of Directors are volunteers who make at least a 3 year commitment, but they may serve two terms or six years.  The time commitment varies as there are monthly board meetings as well as committee meetings.  These men and women, along with the Executive Director, are the visionaries and set the direction for Love INC.  If you or someone from your church would be interested in serving on our board, you can start the process by filling out our volunteer application.

Our Board is committed to our mission of Transforming Lives in the Name of Christ through the Church.  They are the backbone of Love INC working behind the scenes.

Our thanks to each one of them for the time they give!  We appreciate all of their hard work and efforts.