Thank YOU for blessing our Love INC neighbors in need!

While our office may be closed, we are hard at work wrapping up from the end of the year! Every year at our annual Christmas store, we ask our participants to write a Thank You note for the things that they have received both at our store and throughout the year. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the Thank You notes:
“Keep doing what you do. Some of us have come to return to God. Some faster, some slower, but we are coming back to the house of God. So thank you for this help.”
“Christ is Jesus with skin on; and through Love INC and cooperating churches, I’m so grateful for the LOVE I’ve been shown. It was so much needed!”
“Thank you for helping me grow, letting me see things in a different day. It’s a nice break from all the negativity in the world.”
“I have 4 boys and it is so hard to make ends meet. This program has blessed me and my boys so much through education, community, and meeting our needs.”
“God bless all of the staff, volunteers, and all those who have donated their time, talents, and gifts in obedience to Jesus’ love for others.”
“I was able to support my family this Christmas, without you, I could not have made that happen.”
“Thank you for allowing God to use Love INC to bless the people that HE loves so much”.